Educational Programs aboard
American Pride 
A member of the American Sail Training Association. 

January through April we enjoy a spectacular marine event-the annual migration of the Gray Whales. We keep a sharplook-out for other marine animals, while we explore marine ecology and ecosystem awareness. Included is a fish/squid dissection, a touch tank, helm control, knot tying and helping raise the sails.
 Minimum 55 to Maximum of 100 persons.




manifestdestinyAn 18-hour Overnight Program. Challenging activities help recreate lives of emigrants caught in the great expansion period, who have signed on as common sailors of the 1850's.  Students learn through hands   on experience, such as, standing night watch, hoisting barrels, swabbing the deck, singing chanteys and most importantly dealing with a demanding and challenging crew in period costumes! At dock program.  manifestdestinybosunchair

Crew: 26-40 Students
Grades: 4 through 8
Time: 3pm-9am 18-Hours
Fare: $60.00 per student & $45.00 per adult
An additional 3 hour sail is available at $25 per person.


Feel the excitement as you step aboard the ship American Pride.  It is 1850, we are bound for San Francisco and there is a whisper of gold in all the "Lads" ears.  California is a brand new state and news has spread far and wide about fortunes to be made in the gold fields.  All are rarin' to go strike it RICH!! Before the students can go they must first book passage with the shipping agent.  Once aboard, the students are immersed overnight into the activates of preparing the ship for the long trip to the gold fields.  You don't know who your shipmates are or what they have in store for you!

At dock program.
Crew: 28-40 students
Grades: 4 through 8
Duration: 18 hours
Time: 3pm-9am
Fare:  $60/student & $45/adult
An additional 3 hour sail is available at $25 per person.


A program aboard American Pride that engages the students in challenging and fun shipboard activities while "at dock".  The "Lads" will ready the ship for its voyage around Cape Horn, and develop a working knowledge of physics, while doing such shipboard tasks as hoisting barrels, etc.  haulinglinesStudents will learn chanteys and nautical lore, and have an opportunity to ask questions as they take a ship tour.  The tour is in the company of historical characters, who will help them better understand a typical sailor's life on board a sailing vessel of the 1800's. 


Crew: 26-45 students
Grades: 3 through 6
Duration: 4 hours
Time: 10am-2pm
Fare: $29/student & $25/adult



Students venture out to sea as American Pride sets sail in the waters off Southern California.  In this exciting adventure, the "Lads" will relive the history of a 19th century sailor.  They raise the sails, stand watch, navigate, and man the ships helm, under the watchful eye of a demanding captain and crew.girl in bosun chair

Crew: 26-45 students
Grades: 4 through 8
Duration: 6 hours
3 hours dockside & 3 hours sailing
Time: 9am-3pm
Fare: $60.00 per student & $45.00 per adult

Bring your students an ocean of adventure aboard the tall ship American Pride. This program offers students first-hand access to nature's classroom. The activities your students will participate in focus on the primary habitats of the coastal and marine environment, highlighting their unique biological and geological characteristics and the importance of human relationships with these habitats.

  BUFFALOAs we set sail from Long Beach, students will raise sails, take a ships tour to acquaint them to their new home and begin their scientific explorations. Students will explore the waters of Catalina by kayak and snorkel in search of the many animals that call its waters home. We will be looking for fish, marine mammals and invertebrates and discussing their many adaptations. The last  expedition of your trip will occur around Two Harbors. A nature hike across the isthmus brings with it many of Catalina’s native plants and animals, as well as a chance to get knee deep in nature at the mud flats. Students will have close encounters of the “wet and rocky” kind at the tidepools with the array of algae and animals that call this habitat home. After visiting our fishy friends, students will observe a fish dissection to learn about its physical adaptations and compare its anatomy to the human anatomy.


The American Pride is equipped with a variety of tools to further your student’s scientific exploration of Catalina and its critters. Tools we will be using include: a microscope, on-board aquarium and touch tank, bottom sampling equipment, collection nets, water quality testing equipment and remotely operated vehicles outfitted with underwater cameras .

Prior to sailing, teachers are given a manual to prepare their students for their experience aboard the American Pride and are encouraged to work with the ship's staff to create an experience for their students that connect with class work. Through these efforts, teachers and students alike bridge the gap between the classroom and the dynamic marine and terrestrial world on and around Catalina Island.

You and your class can enjoy A 3, 4 or 5 fun-filled days aboard, getting your hands wet! Each additional day is another opportunity for hands-on science, kayaking, and snorkeling at a different cove!


All activities align with California and National Science Standards.

3-Day Program $285/pp
4-Day Program $380/pp
5-Day Program $475/pp

  • Book your passage by calling the Children's Maritime Institute at (714) 970-8800. Dates fill quickly, so book early. 
  • Please be aware of our class minimums and maximums and suggested grade levels. You will be responsible for the minimum number of students. One teacher per class is complementary per program. 
  • Some scholarships are available to eligible students. Please call for more details.